Microblading in Nashville

Are you curious about microblading, Nashville?

Eyebrows have been the most important facial feature for a long time. In fact, studies show that people are more recognizable by their brows than even their eyes! Our eyebrows are responsible for framing the face and help create emotional expressions.

 The average woman spends 10 minutes a day on her eyebrows. That’s 61 hours per year! Pencils, waxes, powders, gels, tweezers, stencils, angled brushes and brow markers—we’ve tried them all—but a new trend is sweeping the city of Nashville and the rest of the country: microblading. This semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo won’t fade color, and best of all, looks incredibly natural. In fact, microblading looks just like you were born with the brows you always wanted—the brows you chose for yourself!

Microblading Before & After

Microblading Before & After

The painless, two-hour procedure, expertly performed at Retief Skin Center in Nashville, begins with mapping out your perfect, individualized brow shape from the fullness, to arch and tail. We start by applying a topical numbing cream, then use tiny "micro blades" to create superficial strokes in the brow area where you may have holes, thinning brows or no brow at all. A pigment that matches your natural hair color is then applied and massaged into the tiny blade strokes that gives the appearance of hair. The results from this short visit can last up to two years! Aftercare is minimal and an hour-long follow up appointment is set for a month later to make sure your brows are everything you ever wanted. So throw out your pencils and waxes. Change your life, your face, your brows and get blading!

I love my brows. No joke, I have easily gotten 15 compliments on them. Thank you!
— Terri H. / Nashville, TN

How It Works 

Cleanse & Exfoliate
We start by removing oil, moisturizer, and makeup to create a fresh palate.
Numbing Cream
To keep the procedure painless, we let the numbing cream activate for up to 30 minutes.
Draw Shape
Arched? Rounded? Straight? We draw your brows on first to define the final shape.
Tiny strokes made from small blades are then cut into the surface of the skin.
For the most natural look, we pick a pigment that most closely resembles your hair color.

Microblading at Retief Skin Center

Follow our client, Jenn, through her first microblading experience at Retief Skin Center in Nashville, TN.

About Us

Meet Lauren

Lauren Dunning started out as a makeup artist splitting time between Nashville, Tennessee and Santa Monica, California. Many of her clients had unfamiliar skin conditions, and she found that she enjoyed researching and finding solutions to complex skin issues. This lead her to a career as a licensed medical aesthetician which allowed her to combine her love of treating skin and the beauty industry. She quickly became a certified microblading practitioner. Her artistic experience in makeup and her deep knowledge of the skin types makes her extremely qualified to give you the most beautiful brows for your unique bone structure while doing so safely in a medical environment. 


Who Needs Microblading?

Anyone who has ever used a pencil or powder to fill in their brows. If you’ve ever wanted a fuller brow, darker brow, more structured brow, rounded brow, brow with an arch, missing the tail of your brow, brows are too far apart or maybe you don’t have any brows at all, you will benefit from this. Microblading gives you the perfect brows to compliment your unique bone structure. You will look instantly younger and more polished. The goal is a natural looking brow that makes you look great even when you’re not wearing makeup.